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Nicaragua Real Estateurora Real Estate Community Projects in Nicaragua

Our commitment to helping the community has brought us to support a variety of initiatives in and around San Juan del Sur. Our goal is to make a positive imprint in the lives of the local community.

Aurora Beachfront Realty is a proud sponsor of several local and national foundations geared to increase sustainable development and support of local communities. Giving back is part of the beauty of living in Nicaragua.

Communidad Connect

Comunidad Connect is an umbrella organization that oversees a variety of community projects in the San Juan del Sur area. Some of the most important project that it over sees are related to helping small businesses in town, granting support to the sports park, recycling programs aimed at raising funds from the selling of plastics, projects oriented around improving education and health and finally the volunteer program.

Nicaragua Real Estate

Saving start is a program that is run by Community Refund. The RE in this program stands for Real Estate. It is s project that raises funds from buyers, developers and real estate agencies looking to support local businesses in the area. The saving start initiative creates an opportunity for small business owners to save money during a 6 month period. During this time small business owners are put through investment courses that are designed to improve their entrepreneurial knowledge. The amount that is saved during the 6month period is then matched or doubled by the Community Refund. These proceeds are then used to re-invest into these small businesses.

Nicaragua Real Estate projects

The sport park has recently received a valuable facelift making it a more friendly place for both soccer and basketball players. Comunidad Connect recognizes the importance of sports as a motor that encourages healthy activity.

Sports is one of the best ways to promote a healthy drug free San Juan del Sur, The court is also a great meeting place for locals who are interested in cheering for their favorite teams during local tournaments. Games are usually played at night are accompanied by DJ’s playing.

Recycling mostly takes place in the local dump, which is located about 10 minutes north of San Juan del Sur. There people are encouraged to learn more about the value of recycling by sorting out the valuable plastics and aluminum. The proceeds from the sale of these items is used to re-invest in the fund.

“Volunturismo” is another facet of Communidad Connect. Here foreigners are encouraged to get involved with the community by helping with infrastructure projects which could include the building of wells, improvement of roads, creation of water filtration systems etc. Parallel to these efforts volunteers are given Spanish classes. “Volunturismo” is a unique experience to learn about the culture and the language while helping those who are in need. Volunteers have also been a good source for funds.


Surfari Nicaragua

Our webmaster Javier Baldovinos (a.k.a. Baldo), is one of the main promoters of Surfing in Nicaragua. Aurora has been a proud sponsor of all the projects he has been working on. In May of 2007, Baldo produced Surfari Nicaragua, a Reality Show about a 2 weeks road trip with the top 5 surfers of Nicaragua, the goal: surfing all the beaches on Nicaragua’s Pacicific ocean, from the north coasts of Chinandega to the coasts south of San Juan del Sur. The Surfari Nicaragua trip spanned over 350 kms of beach and was all documented into a TV series that is 10 chapters long and is viewed on local TV stations throughout the country.

Nicaragua Surf circuit

Baldo also is the President of The National Surf Circuit, an organization that receives support from Aurora. This organization is strictly geared towards the competitive side of surfing as a sport, having 4 events each year in different beaches of the Pacific coast of Nicaragua. Each year, the Top surfers of the Surf Circuit forms the National Surf Team that compete in international competitions. In March of this year the National Team will go to the III Centralamerican championship in Playa Venado, Panama.

Mayorship and Infrastructure

Aurora has been working closely with the Mayor's office since we opened our offices in San Juan del Sur in 2004. The Mayor of San Juan del Sur is an important figure that has had a positive impact on the improvement of roads along the Chocolata highway. Helping him with funds and contacts, the town has been able to seasonally crown the dirt roads going south and north on multiple occasions. Along with helping the Mayor of San Juan del Sur, Aurora has helped fund and support local Police. This has helped to create a safer place out of San Juan and its neighboring beaches. All this has helped tourism flourish in the town of San Juan del Sur.

Working with Morgan’s Rock

Along with efforts to improve the roads and help local police in San Juan, much care has been taken on cleaning the dirt roads. Every year Morgan’s Rock Eco Lodge and Resort sponsors a day long event dedicated solely to the cleaning of the Chocolata highway going north of San Juan del Sur. More than 30 people participated last year and an even higher turnout is expected this year. The event is more than the cleaning of the road; it is a statement that brings to the forefront the importance of keeping our environment clean.

Along with the cleaning initiative Aurora has helped be a part of the annual backpack donations. Each year the management at Morgan’s Rock collects donations and school supplies for the children of San Juan del Sur. The Aurora team worked along side employees of the hotel to prepare these backpacks. Aurora has sponsored Morgan’s Rocks efforts since the conception of these projects in 2004.

Fishing Tournament

Sport fishing is an activity that has far less negative impact than commercial fishing.

In 2005 the Panga Tournament was made out of the need to teach locals an alternative form of fishing that could be used to generate higher earnings. Fishermen learned that they could actually make more money by taking tourist on sport fishing expeditions. The catch and release method made it easier for tourist to enjoy a day out on the ocean while not keeping all the fish guaranteed better fishing for fishermen in future years. Aurora has helped raise funds for the Panga Tournament on multiple occasions recognizing that it is a valuable program that is helping mitigate the impact of over fishing in the area. It is also a platform that inspires fishermen to consider this activity as a sport and not an industry.


Our hopes are that we contribute to the responsible and sustainable development of Nicaragua¹s real estate. We place an emphasis on promoting real estate projects that are culturally sensitive and environmentally friendly.