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Nicaragua Real Estateappy New Years!! - January 2006

Hello again from Aurora Beachfront Realty in San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua. The dry season has begun and with that the influx of tourists has begun in southern Nicaragua.

These next few months are going to be really busy in the real estate market as more and more tourists and investors come to Nicaragua. In this newsletter we will focus on a few projects in the area and talk about how tourism is growing in Nicaragua and how that can positively effect property appreciation.

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Steady Increases in Tourism

Amongst most Americans Nicaragua's image is either negative or non-existant. Slowly Nicaragua is beginning to shed this image and as tourism numbers increase year after year the misconception about Central America's safest country will begin to change. In 2004, 403,217 visitors came to Nicaragua. In 2005 the number increased to 480,132 an increase of 19%. This has been a steady trend over the last few years. Nicaragua's pristene surf beaches with consistent offshore breezes are no longer a secret.

Cruise ships are again docking in the Bay of San Juan Del Sur and there are now flights on Nature Air from Costa Rica, and Delta is offering daily flights from Atlanta direct to Managua. As the access to Nicaragua gets easier more and more tourists will flock to Nicaragua's shores. It is a great time to invest in Nicaragua and reap the benefits of increased tourism in years to come.

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Playa Yankee

Playa Yankee is located about 20 minutes south of San Juan Del Sur along the proposed Pacific Coast Highway. The development at Yankee is in the process of installing a cell phone and internet tower so that all the homes in the development will be able to surf the web and the waves. Yankee has a great surf break and the development provides beach access to Yankee, Escamequita and Las Tablas beaches.

Lots at Yankee are equipped with electricity and water and start at just $18,500. Lots are all approximately 1/4 acre in size and they all have ocean views.

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El Club del Mar

This project includes Mediterranean style villas, penthouses, condominiums and lots all with spectacular ocean views. Located about one hour south of San Juan Del Sur with breathtaking views of Costa Rica this project is poised to take advantage of the proposed coastal highway project which is slated to start in 2006.

There will be a large pool and restaurant open to the public and guests. All units will be fully managed, maintained and put in a rental pool. This project is linked with the already successful El Club hotel in Granada. This link will help to increase occupancy and visibility. El Club Del Mar is a no hassle way to invest in Nicaragua and be insured of good returns. The suites start at $79K

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Villas de Palermo

Villas de San Juan is a great turnkey option for the investor who plans on spending a few months a year in San Juan Del Sur. The villas are fully furnished including linens and appliances. The project is located in San Juan Del Sur and is one of the few investment options which offers fully paved roads all the way from an international airport to your front door. Each villa is carefully situated to capture panoramic views of the Bay of San Juan. This project will be home to a 4-star air conditioned restaurant and a large free-form pool. These villas are selling quickly and the price is going up fast. There is only one left at $181,000!!!

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