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Nicaragua Real Estateainy Means Green - June 2007

The first rainfall of the season has brought new hues of green to San Juan del Sur and its surrounding beaches. All around a new energy can be felt and as the flora blooms the surf begins to pick up.

Commemorating the beginning of Nicaragua's "green season", June and July are wonderful months to visit Nicaragua. Many are often mislead by the term "rainy" season, which is what everyone calls the months between June and October. Since the amount of daily precipitation means less than 2 hours, these are highly attractive travel months. During these months travelers are sure to appreciate the natural splendor and cooler climate that Nicaragua has to offer. For the duration of the rainy season there is a llittle more rain and a lot more green; the scenery is lush and the views of the ocean become even more colorful and spectacular.

In addition to being green, the months of June to September also represent a time when the surf picks up substantially. With an almost constant off-shore wind from Lake Nicaragua, waves can oscillate anywhere between 6 to 12 feet during these months. Boasting clean and solid breaks, beaches like Yankee, Madera, Popoyo and Santana become highly visited spots during these months.


Aurora Beachfront Team

Nicaragua Real Estate

El Encanto

Located on the northern side of San Juan del Sur is a 350 acre residential development called El Encanto, which means enchantment in spanish. From its private entrance the property climbs up to its highest point on its main ridge almost 1000 feet above sea level.

There are stunning views of the Pacific Ocean, San Juan del Sur, Costa Rica and 5 other bays along Nicaragua's pristine southern coastline. Ometepe, the lake island formed by two Volcanoes, can even be seen from the zenith.

El Encanto offers lots that range from a third to a half-acre starting at $50,000.

The project aims to incorporate new trends in architecture, sustainable resource management and reforestation to help keep Nicaragua's southern coast green. El Encanto will promote sustainable models of development which included rain water collection systems, wind generators, solar water heaters, grey and black water recycling and other systems that will protect the natural setting and conserve energy.

This project is just opening up so it's a great time to jump on board. Lots can be reserved with $1,000 refundable deposit.

Nicaragua Real Estate

Playa Coco Townhomes

We are now offering a project from the developer of Villas de Palermo where brand new beachfront townhouses are for sale starting at 269k. Nestled between the Escameca Private Reserve and La Flor National Park, Playa Coco offers the perfect setting for beachgoers interested in living on the sand. Just 20km south of San Juan del Sur, Playa Coco offers a vast 2km coastline with access to other secluded beaches including Brasilito and La Flor, home of endangered sea turtles.

This is a low impact project that will be building 3 bedroom 2100 sq foot town homes a stones throw from the ocean. Phase One will commence construction in July. This will include building the club house, pool area and 15 units. Pre-construction prices will not last long, only 3 town homes are left at the introductory price. Reserve today with $5,000 deposit.

Nicaragua Real Estate

Las Fincas de Escamequita

Just 12 minutes south of San Juan del Sur you will find a project spearheading Nicaragua's green movement. With over 200 acres of reserve, Fincas de Escamequita offers larger parcels while granting greater green areas than any other project of its kind. The vision is completely off-grid, offering solar units on each lot purchase and abundant water to each property line.

Finca's motto is to invest with confidence while developing with conscience. Already the project has donated to the neighboring community by providing water purification stations and eco-stoves. Along side these efforts, the project will also be replanting over 10,000 trees in the next months. Being part of this community is more than simply purchasing real estate; Finca's is a way of life. Ocean view lots start at $75,000 and range from 1 to 5 acres in size. Call a week ahead and we can give an equestrian tour of the property.

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