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Nicaragua Real Estate

Nicaragua Real Estateuxury Hotels in Nicaragua - July 25th 2008

Nicaragua is just starting to show up on the radar of adventurous North American travelers. While the country still has a long way to go to attract a large number of high-end tourists, there are a few select hotels and resorts that pamper guests well while still retaining a strong sense of place.

With even the wealthiest travelers looking for the best value for their battered travel dollar, Nicaragua is looking increasingly attractive as a travel destination and a vacation or retirement home spot. Visitors are discovering its long Pacific beaches, the Spanish Colonial cities of Granada and Leon, and its striking scenery of lakes and volcanoes. As the infrastructure continues to improve and flight connections to the U.S. increase, look for more luxury developments to come in the future.

Though Nicaragua is still a developing nation, tied for poorest in Latin America with neighboring Honduras, it was once a colonial power to rival Antigua, Guatemala. This country controlled one of the world's most important waterways, the fastest connection (prior to the Panama Canal's construction) between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Thus Nicaragua's cultural and architectural treasures include splendid Spanish colonial cities replete with opulent churches and magnificent buildings, most spectacularly displayed in the rapidly growing tourist destination of Granada.

Here, remarkably reconstructed colonial edifices have been transformed into some of Central America's most atmospheric hotels, while the neighboring beach town of San Juan del Sur has attracted one truly incredible resort and several other relatively upscale properties. Granada's sister city, León, less developed for international tourism, is also home to quite comfortable colonial-style options. Between these ancient towns, the sprawling new capital of Managua, a city of opportunity and growth, is home to quality business-class and boutique hotels designed for international travelers accustomed to the finest service and amenities. As interest in Nicaragua grows, expect new luxury properties to pop up along the coast; in the mountain towns of Estelí, Matagalpa and Jinotega; and on the fabulous Corn Islands.

For now, however, please keep in mind that only a few of these listings can be considered world-class (see the individual reviews for details). Visitors expecting the same quality accommodations that our Mexico and Costa Rica listings provide will probably be disappointed.

Nicaragua is still an up-and-coming destination, perhaps not yet suited for those tourists who require the convenience of a full-service, Cancún-style resort. Regardless, each of these fine properties was chosen for its charm, comfort, and commitment to excellent service. Amenities include unique and fabulous rooms, fine-dining restaurants, and classic colonial antiques and artwork--plenty to allow discerning travelers to explore this fascinating country in comfort and style.

Nicaragua Luxury Hotels

Hotel Darío — Granada, Nicaragua

La Gran Francia — Granada, Nicaragua

Hotel El Convento — León, Nicaragua

Hotel Intercontinental Real Metrocentro — Managua, Nicaragua

Hotel Los Robles — Managua, Nicaragua

Palermo Hotel and Resort — San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

Hotel Pelican Eyes Piedras y Olas Hotel and Resort — San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

Morgan's Rock — Southern Pacific Coast, Nicaragua


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