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Get Some Sun- Octuber. 31st 2008

Seven nights + private cook + sloop sailing = $1,580 for a week.

On the one hand, you have to survive a 2.5-hour drive from the Managua airport. On the other, you get a private (pretty much) beach, seven nights in a four-room villa, and your own cook, all for roughly $1,500. Go through the friendly, well-stocked, English-speaking Aurora Beachfront Realty ( Book a sailing trip on the Pelican Eyes resort’s 42-foot sloop ($80 per person;, stopping at one of Nicaragua’s countless fantasy beaches. At night, do the swordfish-and-sangria thing at El Colibrí (located behind the church in the city center) for $30 a couple, or stuff yourself on fresh-caught lobster, about $2.50 a pound. Word of warning: If you’re here around New Year’s, pack a flashlight. A flood of upper-crust youth descends on their parents’ beach homes every year, literally sucking the energy out of the town. Expect frequent, although not entirely unromantic, blackouts.


Source: New York Travels  

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