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Nicaragua Real Estatel Encanto del Sur - June 2008

Aurora Beachfront Realty believes that El Encanto del Sur is one of the best investments in southern Nicaragua. This newsletter is direct from the developers giving you the best information available!

Latest announcements to pass on to you right away

In less than a year we've come a long way. From groundbreaking in July 2007 we now have recorded 16 sales in the first phase, 12 in the last six months alone. According to all realtors in the area, NO ONE else is selling at this pace.

Late this summer we hope to add a Long Term Financing Program to our already successful 1 and 2 year programs. See Mortgage news below!

Finally, our new completely off grid Eco project, "Living Life Green" has arrived. This is not "greenwash, but the real thing.

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Nicaragua Real Estate

We have sold 16 of our Phase one lots. This is over 50% of our current lot inventory in less than a full year on the market. We believe that our sales momentum is a reflection of the momentum in the project. We are moving faster than any other project on the Pacific Coast of Nicaragua and delivering on the promises we made to our clients. We will release Phase two lots in November.

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Nicaragua Real Estate

Progress at El Encanto

There are many variables that go into the success of a development. It is imperative to give owners confidence that the developer will continue to move forward and make progress towards the goal of building a community.

These are a few of the many ways that El Encanto has moved closer to that goal over the last few months:

* New Construction on Lot 11
* Bridge Construction Begins
* Common Area Rancho
* Lot 8 model home to begin in August
* New road to Phase 2
* Living Life Green Launch
* Phase 2 design and clubhouse
* Underground electric commences
* 25,000 gallon water tank begins installation in August

Nicaragua Real Estate

Long Term Financing

We are taking names of those interested in either our currently successful short term mortgage programs (1-2 year, low interest) or a Long Term Plan that is almost ready. Long term means exactly that, 30 year, fixed low rates; details will be forthcoming as soon as they are complete. We should be be able to qualify our applicants in a few days and "American style" mortgages will be available to those of you who have excellent credit.

This could be a major step in investing in Nicaragua and El Encanto is excited to have this opportunity close at hand. For info on our immediately available short term mortgages, please email and I'll send you details right away. There is no longer a reason to not invest in the best real estate market in the Americas.

Living Life Green

Nicaragua Real Estate

In a world of rapidly dwindling energy resources and an earth's atmosphere in danger from out of control economic growth, El Encanto has developed a pristine area, separate from phases 1 and 2, where green and sustainable mean action not hyperbole. Living Life Green sub-phases are 100% off grid, utilize non traditional building methodologies, green roofs, water-capture systems, multi-stage recyclable waste systems and encourage the broadest definition of the meaning of sustainability. Solar, wind, passive and active cooling systems mean that growth and the future of our planet can be in harmony.


As you can see, our plans are coming to fruition. We have beautiful lots in phase 1 and phase 2 has sweeping views of the Pacific. Now, with our financing falling into place, there are opportunities for all and the most beautiful time of the year awaits your visit. Come on down and let's tour El Encanto on foot, in a car or on horseback - your choice, but I hope to see you soon!


Fred Goldfarb
President of El Encanto del Sur

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