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Nicaragua Real Estatehat is the weather like in Nicaragua?

Nicaragua has 3 distinct regions: the Pacific, the Atlantic and the northern mountains.

There are two seasons on the pacific coast of Nicaragua. The dry season which is from December to April and the rainy season which is from May to November. In the dry season it rarely rains in Nicaragua and in the rainy season it will rain for a portion of most days. October is by far the wettest month in Nicaragua. The average yearly temperature on the pacific coast of Nicaragua is 81° F (27° C) with an average rainfall of 75 inches annually.

It is much wetter on the Atlantic coast of Nicaragua. Annual precipitation averages almost 150 inches and the average temperature is 79°F (26°C). There is a rainy season which lasts about 9 months on the Atlantic coast of Nicaragua with a dry season from March through May. In the northern mountains temperatures are much cooler with an average of 64°F (18°C).

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